Chilean artist Tuis makes his debut for Nue this June

Nue quick five 

Tell us a little about yourself and what got you started painting ?

My name is Tuis I am street graffiti born and raised in Chile and 2 years ago I arrived in London and over time to see how street graffiti moved through the streets I could see that there was a bigger culture regarding how graffiti is handled in society, people have a much more critical opinion to the element of seeing a wall either street art or graffiti, this can be seen when analyzing how to include legal spaces such as Shoreditch or Leake street among others. In Chile the subject of graffiti is more delicate, people are not used to getting out of the routine, Santiago the capital of Chile, it is a newer city so the cleaning and constructions are taken with another value either by property or part of what would be the city, which can say that there is a very good level of graffiti in what would be all chile from arica to Punta Arenas

Best place you have painted ?

More than the places I’ve painted, I enjoyed a lot more when painting with different types of people with different styles, exchange and learn new ideas is something that leaves much after sharing a wall with someone, of which the festivals are good ways to meet people and travel of which I have played at festivals in Madrid Spain, Santiago Chile and London, in terms of places to paint that would be good in London would be Shoreditch for the variety of walls that has and the good level that the area has

Any big plans for this year ?

I would like to continue traveling and meeting new people of good level, participate in national and international festivals and a mid-year project

Tell us your funniest moments when out painting ?

I have very good moments with a friend to share and have a good time with each other, we usually go out to paint always among the same group of friends of which we are several but we left 2 and from there more people come to the wall to paint of which we share talking to each other knowing or not, but funny stories would be the ones I would have with my group

Anyone who you would like to collaborate with?

I have several graffiti artists of which I appreciate their work, I appreciate when the artist-graffitero has the facility to create a space inside the wall incorporating the street style, of which I admire the work of Demsky of Spain, Tizer Id of London , Inti from Chile, Os Gemeos from Brazil, Motick from Mexico among several