Returning to Tamworth after last year’s  debut we have

     Steve Pinchess

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what got you started painting? 

Ive painted al my life, not always having the money to paint canvas I found walls were,free,so my street art began .10 years,ago I became a professional artist from using all mediums from graphite watercolour to oils and spray I’ve worked so many projects from book illustration to theatre work.

Best place you have painted? 

I’ve worked on many spray jams over the years with the shoredit has art wall and Tamworth be my two favourite events.

Funniest moments when out painting? 

Still doing a little work under the cloke

I remember painting pac man eating the yellow line on my local high street with Physco when the police stopped us at three in the morning ansd took selfies which appeared in the local press the next day

Any big plans for this year? 

My big plans for this year is to make a million

Anyone who you would like to collaborate with? 

I’d love to collaborate with any artist my favourite being Dred matey b and Physco