Another artist making his Nue Debut is Squirl who will be joining Too Much Honey crew for Wall Battle’s 2021.

Tell us a little bit more about yourself and what got you started painting?

I’m an artist and illustrator and I like to mix up styles and change things up as much and as regularly as possible. I’ve worked on quite a few big art projects on installations, projection mapping, and more interactive pieces.

Best place you have painted?

I really enjoyed painting in Tokyo, Portugal, Sweden, and here in the UK.

    Squirl and crew member Captain – Italy

Any Big plans for the year?

I’m working on a children’s book that is coming out next year. I also just did a TEDx talk. Also trying to get out now that we are allowed and make up for lost painting time.

Tell us your funniest moment while out painting?

it’s always funny painting with the ‘Too much Honey’ boys. We always end up having a few drinks after painting, and that generally ends up pretty funny one way or another.

Anyone you would like to collaborate with?

I’d really like to collaborate with Mr Jago and Will Barras. That old scrawl crew was one of the big things that got me in to painting.