Not seen him paint Tamworth since 2011..

We are pleased to be welcoming back Sketch86 to paint June 22nd

Sketch86 Tamworth 80s graff jam 2011

Nue quick five 

Tell us a little about yourself and what got you started painting? 

I write Sketch86. Born and raised in Wolverhampton. A Midlands bboy and turntablist turned professional artist..Always a Hip hop purist.
Running a urban art specialist company in the South west called urban gypset.. Urban for the skills and gypset for the jet-set lifestyle with a bohemian approach. I got intro graff at school age. Was always into pushing artwork but discovered car paint in the back of the art room and tried it out. It was the only thing that I sucked at. Got the bug quick and taught myself. Kept trying to go bigger, more detailed and better. That evolved into wanting to take it to new places where u wouldn’t find it or to projects no one would touch.

Best place you have painted? 

The best place despite everywhere I’ve travelled is the Mecca that was 5pointz NYC. I hit that place up twice doing 7 walls. The most recognisable on the reserved wall on the roof top 30ft above the iconic Biggie piece. Got to know the guys well there and clicked well. Meres and I linked up in the UK to paint after which was great.

Sketch 5pointz

Any big plans for this year? 

This year who knows. . I got a bunch of bars hotels and restaurant’s lined up a hof in Chicago late summer and a second documentary being filmed.. But I always get weird  ones.. I painted a coffin a few weeks back.

Tell us your funniest moments when out painting  ?

Wow again I’ve got a few weird tales but I had a surreal argument in the wild Bush of South Africa where I wanted to paint a Nelson Mandela painting at a school. It was all preorganised until I got there and the school wanted a Jesus image.. So the teachers brought me a pic of a donated western looking jesus. I said I couldn’t paint it as patronising doesn’t even begin to describe this picture they showed me.. Also I should mention they were pretty picky for a place with half a finished roof..eventually we settled on an angel instead. .for a more local journey.. I spent an entire night with rope in a Walsall cut tied to railings standing in a boat/ overturned old fridge painting a storm drain wall overlooking a dog walking path.. .not so much humorous but looking back on it..not sure the effort was worth the amount of views it would get..

Anyone you’d like to collaborate with? 

I think I’ve been fortunate enough to paint with a lot of people on my writing bucket list, but there’s a couple.. Herakut, I think their style would compliment mine.. A darth undertone gothic piece would be cool. For me it’s about challenging myself so each collab has to challenge me in a new way. Either by striving to be better and hold my own. 123klan would be cool for a funky day out in a style I don’t really touch on. Individual wise. Temper and Fanakopan. Simply me and Temper are from the same neck of the woods and yet never painted together despite meeting a bunch of times. I reckon we could do some mad rennaissance piece with ridiculous detailing. Fanakopan because I love that mirrored style and I think that would be a cool test.