Our next international Judge  traveling from France and Judging the NUE Loopstation finals taking place 15th October in Tamworth Staffordshire England at Atik nightclub.
Robin Cavailles AKA Robin 

3x French Loopstation Champion

Check out his Nue Quick five below 

Tickets available now from Skiddle..

Nue Quick five
What was the main reason/moment you went from boots and cats to pro beatbox?

When I discovered you can win titles, I went seriously ^^

Any cool plans for this year?
I’ll judge spanish national championship, I’ll have a lot of gigs in my country, and I’ll work a lot with 2 very good friends (one is a beatboxer) for a new band with 3 loopstations

Your funniest beatbox experience?

Not very funny, but funny ^^When my daughter was born, I had to go to the administration, fill a form and stuff, to get a father’s parental leave, and I had to beatbox at 8 in the morning in front of office workers to explain my job, I remember their faces, it was funny ^^

What 1 beatboxer and 1 non-beatboxer would you most like to collaborate with?
1 beatboxer : Trung Bao, I love his universe

1 non-beatboxer : Thom Yorke ? Marc Rebillet ?

Please try to phonetically spell your favourite beatbox sound 

G< aaa
Nue beatbox finals are supported by Art’s Council England and sponsored by Shure microphones