Romanian  artists RO will join us for the first time 22nd June

Nue quick 5 

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what got you started painting? 

My journey started in Romania, during my Art and Design years at the National University in Bucharest, where i studied  Graphic Design, having finished in my small home town Piatra Neamt the High school of Arts, I was fascinated by the Illustrated Paintings and the Graffiti pieces that could be seen everywhere on the big Capital walls. Almost every day on my way to the University, I stopped and had a glimpse of this freehand creative bursts, eventually I’ve decided to start with a style of my own, taking the Character path. I was strongly influenced by two good friends, Nazek & Pren, they already had a crew called Quick Image Control (Q.I.C), we got together and started Illustrating and Painting. At the moment I’m the only one that still uses the crews name, I guess what I really loved about spraying a wall was the freedom you felt when doing it and the fact that it took your mind away from all the routine and mind control, it made me feel alive, giving my life a new meaning. I could say that for me it’s the only thing that feels real and gives me a satisfying sense of accomplishment, especially when you see someone smiling after seeing your piece.

Best place you have painted ?

One of the best places I’ve painting Is in the Leake Street tunnel London, but really the best place for me it will always be in an abandoned factory.

Any big plans for this year ?

I hope to open a studio where I can paint and organise exhibitions, a place for passioned people like myself that struggle to make Art for a living, where we can get together and create in total freedom

I want to hit as many Festivals as possible, to meet new creatives and hopefully get back to painting all year long as I was doing back in my country Romania.

Tell us your funniest moments when out painting ?

One day when I was painting in this abandoned  place in Birmingham, I had just one more detail to add to my character, that was with a white spray can, it was my last can of white, it exploded and got covered all in small white dots. slightsmile emoticon went back a week later and finished it.

Anyone who you would like to collaborate with?

To be honest, anybody that is passionate about freedom of expression and loves to paint.


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