RJ77 Stencils will be back in Tamworth this June 



Nue quick five

Tell us a little more about yourselfand what got you started painting? 

Living north of Nottingham most of my life, where my 2 kids come first, I needed something to separate myself from work activities, so just over 6 years ago, after a lunch time walk whilst working in Sheffield, streetart just hit me, one of those things I’d walked passed before, but then realising it’s there. I’d moved into a new house and I thought I’d get some by different artists, then realised that comes at a significant cost, so I created a silhouette piece similar to Otto Schade and it started from there. Never really had any interest in art at school, so maybe it’s that opening to a midlife crisis

Best place you have painted? 

There’s no best place, I’m honoured to put my work anywhere where they will have me. But the vibe at events like NUE and Cheltenham are the reason I wanted to get involved with ‘live’ painting

Any big plans for this year? 

My planning is shocking, last year was a little mental, as I booked into festivals and then rushed to get stencils done, through a lack of sleep I managed. But NUE is always exciting, as with the ‘theme aspect you do something different besides your usual tastes. Hopefully back at Cheltenham and Nottingham’s Street Art Festival . I’ve a couple of walls to do in Beeston, Nottingham. Walton Festival, should hopefully allow for me to reflect on my love for music. But I have in mind one picture I’ve found which I would like to do on a big wall, so lots in the pipeline.

Tell us your funniest moments when out painting ?

As yet, there haven’t been too many funny moment, with the exception of laughing at yourself as your battling stencils in the wind. But a strange moment, which did initially make me laugh was the piece I did for Nottingham street art festival, was stolen, to be honest I was going to take it myself, but someone beat me too it, just hope they enjoy the piece as much as I do.

Anyone who you would like to collaborate with? 

Who to collaborate with…..I think my problem is at the moment I just see my work and can’t visualise how it would fit in with other’s. But I did do a joint piece in Beeston last year where a local guy did a free hand colourful exhaust fume from the pipe of a motorbike (Boon 80’s tv show). But I will one day, and if they give the direction, I’ll fit my work in around what they say