Bringing the Wildstyle from London we Have Nerk making his Nue debut this year 

Nue quick 5

Tell us a little about yourself and what got you started painting ?

Reasons why I started and about myself. I started painting in late 2011 and ever since then I have always wanted to develop my style and explore many aspects of graffiti and see where that can take me. I started painting because I went to Paris as a kid and saw graffiti everywhere. It was in everything. I could understand why people did it and from 2 or 3 months after I started to draw letters and just painting, tagging and it went on from there.

Best place you have painted?

I have painted in many cities in the UK and in Europe but they are all so different from eachother. Lisboa and the Algarve in Portugal never fail to impress me. Barcelona is great because of the huge range of places to paint from the city centre to the mountains looking over the city and Catalonia. Vienna because of the Donau Kanal where basically the whole river is painted from end to end. Miles and miles of fresh pieces and high up rollers. There’s so many amazing places to explore but for me it is what you make it, that’s a really important aspect I think.

Any big plans for this year ?

I have some plans for this year but we are only in March so much more can happen that I don’t even know yet. I big plan is that I would want to travel out of Europe for my first time ever but I’m indecisive of where that place would be but it would have to be special for me. But I enjoy just going with the flow and living my life the way it naturally flows.

Tell us your funniest moments when out painting ?

There’s been no many funny moments, each time I go painting something funny happens whether it is myself or someone else. I think when everyone is enjoying themselves they are the most fun but funniest there are just too many.

Anyone who you would like to collaborate with? 

I think to work with like-minded people I suppose. But I also like to get to know people and why they paint and what motivates themselves. I like people that really respect the culture of graffiti and have a big interest in developing there style whatever that could be. I like to paint with people who just enjoy what they do and wants try and achieve something in graffiti because we all use the same paint that comes out of cans so it’s good when we all try and create something together and build up a scene or something similar.

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