Lost Dogs is no stranger to Nue,she’s been documenting the street art scene for the past decade including Nue events as a photographer.

Recently she’s come out the woodwork as an artist so it’s about time she did the Nue Quick Five

“Tell us a little about yourself and what got you started painting ? “

Hi – I’m Sarah – and I’m pretty late to this painting-on-walls game.

I used to make little collaged canvasses of dogs (and later cats and other animals), with postage stamp heads, which I left all around the country for Free Art Friday back in the day – hence the name Lost Dogs, as they were meant to be found and re-homed.

I loved graffiti and street art and went to lots of paint jams around the country just to watch, but never had a go as was a little intimidated by the larger scale, and using a can instead of a brush. But then in lockdown, with literally nothing else to do, I had my first go at it. It was rubbish, but I had another attempt, and another, and I’m getting better bit by bit, and thoroughly enjoying it!

“Best place you have painted “

I really enjoy painting something a little bit spooky in old abandoned buildings. Only ones that already have plenty of paint up though.

Best painting spot I’ve visited but didn’t paint (just put up some stickers) was Teufelsberg in Berlin, that place is AMAZING. I would love to get back out there one day with some paint on me.

“Any big plans for this year ?”

Painting in Tamworth! 🙂 And at Cheltenham Paint Festival the following weekend. Other than that I am doing a few painty van makeovers over the next couple of months which will be fun.

My goal is to paint a really BIG wall in the next year or two. I just need to find someone who will trust me not to fall off the scaffolding.

“Tell us your funniest moments when out painting ?”

Not funny, but memorable – I was painting at an event in Birmingham and someone threatened to stab me and I had to be escorted to my car for my own safety :/ Still gutted that I never got to finish what I was working on!

“Anyone who you would like to collaborate with?”

Anyone who’d have me 🙂 I’ve never done a proper collab and I’d really like to. They’d need patience though, as I’m a bit of a slowcoach.