We are pleased to welcome back Jimmer Willmott 22nd June 

Nue quick 5

Tell us a little about yourself and what got you started painting ?


I’m Jimmer Willmott, a Pop Surrealist from Bristol. My work is the bastard child of Salvador Dali and Andy Warhol.
I like to have fun when I create. I keep subject matter light, sugary and weird.

As a rule, I paint for myself first and like minded weirdos second. This keeps me consistently working and never bored. Art has been an integral part of my life since was a kid. I used to dip in and out of practice until painting became serious. It was almost overnight that art saved me. I was in my darkest time of life and painting was no longer a hobby, it was my life.

About 8 years ago I needed escapism more than anything. I was suddenly single again and I was broken.

As it turned out, being cut up was extremely beneficial. My drive to be the best painter I could caught me like wildfire. Since then I’ve been harnessing my style and building my own brand of work.

My goal now is to understand the spray can as I do the brush.

Where’s the best place you have painted?

I recently did live painting at “Home”, a dance night of house music at the Colston Hall in Bristol. It was held on May the 4th and Star Wars themed. It was one of my favourite live paints to date…

Most of my painting was done before the event, as my paintings normally take weeks to near completion. I was painting Yoda in Groucho Marx fancy dress glasses.
Everyone was so friendly and the music was surprisingly good too.
The whole event was funny. There we were on the balcony of the Colston Hall with storm and scout troopers patrolling about. Even Yoda made an appearance, battling people with lightsabers. He was rather insulted with the portrait I had done of him and he attacked me!


Do you have any big plans for this year ?

I do have big plans for this year, yeah !
Any day now, the “Calvaria Gallery” in New Jersey opens its doors to the “Morsels” art show. This will be my first international appearance in a group exhibition.
The “Jammin Toast man” below was originally painted for this exhibition. Stupidly, I didn’t read the brief closely enough and I painted the initial piece above the size restrictions. I realised my mistake too late and have been working harder than ever getting a second piece (that’s under-wraps for now) done and posted before the submission date.

Next month I have a residency with “Global Street Art” in Camden, London! I’m buzzing about it!

For my birthday in September, I’ll be visiting my girlfriend Angelie in Colorado. She’s also an artist under the name “flourwitch.” I’m most excited about seeing her! I’m insane about her!

I’m also in talks at the moment with my good friend Robert Gaunce, looking at an artist residency and solo show in Kentucky.

Tell us your funniest moments when out painting ?


The funniest times are always had with GUTS, one of my best friends and another Bristol based artist.
One time on our way to Tamworth, down the motorway we spoke so much garbage and drank so much coffee that our laughter got out of control and we nearly crashed the car.

Another year at Tamworth, me and GUTS were peckish after a gruelling paint session AND discovered the “Anti Matter burger” a piece of food that doesn’t fill you up but makes you feel like you’ve not eaten in weeks. We bought a couple from the near extinct “Wimpy” burger chain just next to the skatepark. The real mystic was not that the burger made you hungrier but that it caused actual damage to our bank accounts. And even better than the overpriced burgers was the curmudgeon old woman that served us. She was our hero.


Anyone who you would like to collaborate with?

​There’s hundreds…. But at the top of that list would be “The Sweettoof” I’ve always loved his work. His paintings are full of raw character and great energy. I think he and his work are badass.

It would also be a dream if one day I could work with “Greg Craola Simpkins.” I learnt so much by watching his time-lapse videos when I was beginning to paint.
One day, after I’ve improved at spray painting, I really want to collab with “Crom.” Crom’s like a WIZARD with his ability.