Another  Artist we can’t seem to get rid of is  all round top bloke

Jay sharples

Jay Sharples Tamworth 2018

Nue quick five 

Tell us a little about yourself and what got you started painting? 

 I’m a Manchester-based artist, event organiser and current curator of the Outhouse Project. My background was 25 years doing graphic design and video-game production, but I got back into my art after a stint in L.A about 12 years ago. Seeing the urban art scene there and how art and phenomenology combined just sparked something.

Best place you have painted? 

Apart from NUE events? Haha.. I love painting anywhere, but getting to put something up in Brooklyn last year was a bucket-list tick.

Jay Sharples
Tamworth Nue 2013

Any big plans for this year ? 

Nothing major planned yet, but I hoping to get out and about further afield this year if possible.. and fingers crossed they’ll be another Mancunian Spray event happening at some point too.

Tell us your funniest moments when out painting?

A couple of us got invited down to paint at a boombaps breakdance event the other year.. so we turned up and got on with hitting this 25ft wall. Just as we’re finishing up, a somewhat shocked venue owner came down and informed us that we’d actually painted his neighbour’s property by mistake, not his.

Anyone who you would like to collaborate with? 

Loads..Posea, Si Mitchell, Philth, Crack, Mila K, Soker.. the list is endless.

Jay Sharples Tamworth Nue 2017

self portrait Jay Sharples style