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One of Florida’s finest graffiti artists Smog One is well known on the Miami scene for his impressive 3D style and life like characters..

Hi Smog  can you tell us a bit more about your self and how you became a writer?

I’m smog one ,born in Paris France and raised there till i was 13,then move to USA. my first friends were b boys ,so i learned how to breakdance and got introduced to graff,at that time all i did was draw so i was attracted to the style and fell in love with it,i did my first piece in 89.then joined FS AND bsk crew in miami in early 90s.

Your part of the legendary xmen crew when did you join the crew and what does it mean to you ?

I joined xmen in 2012,im xtremely proud of being in a legendary NY crew like XMEN.its like getting acceptance by the graff community.not that ever looked for acceptance,but its nice to know people appreciate what i paint.


What are you enjoying painting more these days letters or characters?

I love developing my letters always,characters are just a decoration on the side,though i love to paint them .lately been doing portraits a lot and photorealism more.But its always about the letters first for me!!love to do 3D which i started doing in early 90s after seeing an Erni piece in a photograph.

The graffiti scene is at a all time high in the UK do you ever plan on painting in the UK?

UK has some of the worlds best graff artists,would love to paint in the UK, and i will when i can afford it,i mean i already know who i would love to paint with,though they probably dont know who i am. Wont drop any names.

Social media as become a major part of to days scene do you think this is a good or bad thing?

Yea ,social media is good,we would not be doing this interview probably if it was nt for social media.we get to see all the work around the world because of it, and communication between writers is important i think.and making a lil money on the side because of exposure is not bad either. Though dont get me wrong,if you are into grafitti or street art for the mighty dollar instead of the LOVE of it,then just quit.


Do you have a favorite all time peace?

As far as my work ,the Paris mural would be it.


Anyone we should be looking out for coming up the ranks at the moment ?

Hopefully me.there is so much talent out there, I wouldn’t know where to start.

What is your advice to new painters starting out ?

If you are starting out, don’t quit, keep a black-book to practice in EVERYDAY, be careful when doing your illegals, and stay it for the love of it and stay humble!

Any shout-outs to fellow painters or sponsors?

Shout outs to FS crew BSK crew CEO crew and XMEN crew, to miami,and big shout out to my boy JOEL at,also all the sites posting my work up and showing me love.oh and parents for supporting my graff even when they knew it was illegal.

Thank you very much for this interview,and for the support,its much appreciated!!!!keep up the good work!!!

Smog One..

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