Next up and judging the Nue Loopstation finals on the 15th October we welcome.

Jack Hobbs aka Hobbit 


2015 world beatbox champion with the beatbox collective, 2x UK Loopstation champion, 3x UK Team champion.

Hobbit has been Beatboxing since 2003 from intimate gigs to stadium tours around the world.

Check out his Nue Quick five below.

Tickets available now from Skiddle..

Nue Quick five

What was the main reason/moment you went from boots and cats to pro beatbox?


To be honest, pure accident … I started beatboxing in my bedroom and then began to play open mics which evolved into playing paid gigs and then it snowballed from there


Any cool plans for this year?


Have just finished directing the beatboxing for a Beatbox x Tap dance show going out on a cruise ship and am also gearing up for another full month run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this August.


Your funniest beatbox experience?


Performing a show with other beatboxers where one of them used the hand sign for “speeding up” but he thought he was signalling to “wrap it up”. So the track just went faster … and faster … until we had nowhere else to go!


What 1 beatboxer and 1 non-beatboxer would you most like to collaborate with?


1 Beatboxer = Skiller

1 Non Beatboxer = Anomalie


Please try to phonetically spell your favourite beatbox sound 



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