Guts will be back and  making a mess this June

Nue quick five 

Tell us a little about yourself and what got you started painting?

I’m a self taught artist from Bristol. I’ve drawn and doodled every day since I can remember, taking most of my inspiration from comics, cartoons, music and movies. I’ve always enjoyed the gross lowbrow side of art and I never miss an opportunity for a few flying eyeballs and a healthy glob of snot. As I developed my style, it seemed a natural progression to take it bigger and spray it onto walls.

Best place you have painted?

Loads of places, Tamworth (of course), Upfest and Cheltenham paint Fest are always a blast. Really enjoyed painting at Korp’s studio last summer and taking part in Battle lines, met some awesome people and had a blast.

(and of course a cheeky session at the Deaner is always lush)


Any big plans for this year? 

I’m helping organise and taking part in a group show in a couple of weeks at the loose cannon cocktail bar in Bristol with some top artists (details to follow) and I have a small solo exhibition planned for September, along with a few paint jams. I’ll be constantly creating as usual, but I also plan to take it a bit easier this year as we have a new addition to the family, so planning on hitting the soft play hard as well haha!


Funniest moments when out painting?

No incidents particularly spring to mind, days out painting are always a laugh and full of nonsense, especially with the loveable morons I associate with! I enjoyed the high levels of sarcasm when a rude journalist tried to get photos of a few of us posing for her at the Cheltenham Paint fest last year, and failed miserably.


Anyone you’d like to collaborate with?

I’m always up for collaborating with anyone! I love the process and the challenge of combining different styles to produce a coherent piece with another artist. If you’re up for it, give me a shout.