Fivez joins us for our Creative community event on the 23rd July .

He joined us a few years ago at Warton Music festival and online for our Unity paint Jam in lockdown.

we look forward to catching back up with the Man that’s Fivez

Nue quick 5 

Tell us a little about yourself and what got you started painting? 

Hello my name is FiVEZ, I like pizza, drum n’ bass and mycology.

There was a wall around the back of the local swimming baths alley that had full colour pieces and characters running along it in the early 90’s (Hem by Jack1 MTV and Deal BHD I think) I was really young and that was probably the first graff that I saw. I would start to notice tags and dubs up everywhere especially on the way to and around Sheff then started finding pieces along the tracks and wanted to do it myself. We found Subway Art in the library at school and I started to learn about the art form, seeing the stuff in there made me want to paint my favourite cartoons and comics even more.

I ended up doing an illustration and games/animation course after school but I never had my head down and wasn’t properly focused on it at the time. Painting has always been a personal thing for me and a way to escape everything else going off in the world! I was busy messing around with music and DJ-ing whilst working in the graphic design and sign writing business for years and wasn’t totally fulfilled with my work, I started drawing more then began to apply myself to my art so I could get on a level nearer to where I wanted, there’s always something new to learn as I evolve my style and personal improvement is probably my main motivation for painting.

 Best place you have painted?

I love painting abandoned buildings and mad places in the middle of nowhere, where no one hardly goes. I’m proud to have been a part of the jams and festivals I got invites to in the past like the NUE events where there’s other artists painting and music popping that’s been a whole different vibe!

One of my favourite places was the Cleethorpes Urban Art festival. Painting next to the sea on a hot day along UK legends like Zee, Kelzo, Brave1 and other sick artists was definitely a highlight in my diary.

(Big up Lyns from GOT Crew for that)

Any big plans for this year?

Hopefully I can get on at some more jams and events over the summer.

I have a couple of projects I’ve been thinking about with something in the pipeline but I can’t really say too much about it at the moment because it’s still at the idea stage. But I do wanna get on some bigger walls / productions though and do some collabs.

Tell us your funniest moments when out painting? 

We were out painting at the beginning of the first lockdown at a spot in some woods. The leaves hadn’t covered up the area yet and I could hear a trotting sound getting louder, I saw a flash of yellow in the distance, it was a bunch of police on horses patrolling the area and we had to lay on the floor laughing hiding behind a broken tree log whilst they passed.

You can bump into some funny people doing random stuff in abandoned factories and places that we paint but I guess that they are probably thinking the same thing about us sometimes.

I was on a solo paint along a bit of a bait walk path under a bridge, so whenever I would hear anyone approach and the gates open either side I would try and hide around the back of the wall then wait for the noise at the other gate before I went back out. But some guy was been moving stealthy and must have seen me leg it around the side, I never heard the next gate make any noise so I tried peeping around the wall thinking he had gone just as quietly as he approached. He was paused there scratching his head looking confused as to why someone was creepin’ about under a bridge. I used my ninja turtle powers and retracted my head as fast as I could had a laugh to myself for a few mins before looking back, he was still stood at the gate trying to catch me like Bigfoot! So, I waved and he walked off.

Anyone who you would like to collaborate with?

Ah man I’m down to paint with anyone who wants to collab with me and do something dope, hit me up!

I’ve spoken to Posea about doing a wall so looking forward to sorting that out in the near future.

Instagram @fivez.krispies

Facebook @Fivez