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Nue quick 5 


Tell us a little about yourself and what got you started painting ? 

I started painting in 1997 at 14 after being given a copy of subway art from my art teacher at school, I was literally obsessed, rideing the trains just to see the graffiti, started mainly with tracksides, painting my first legal wall in 2002.

 Best place you have painted 

I’ve been really lucky to paint some really nice places, upfest was a big deal for me painting in such a public place and with the amount of people around, think a commission for Southampton CrossFit was a milestone for me just because of working on such a large scale by myself

 Any big plans for this year ?

I been working a lot on small scale canvas work recently which I enjoy but I think I’m going to put on the back burner now, the plan is to get out to different spots in the UK with the guys I paint with, meet more people and have fun.

Tell us your funniest moments when out painting ?


In the early 2000s I was fortunate to be very close to a lot of the members of the 54crew, one nite I was invited along to paint some trains, we were walking back down the tracks just coming to the crossing we got in to the yard by when a police car crossed, stoped and pointed his torch down the tracks, like rabbits we all darted sideways into theas brambles with shopping bags of paint, we were there for hours waiting for a safe exit

Anyone who you would like to collaborate with?

I’ve always been a bit of a loan soldier, it’s only been the past year I’ve been painting with @the_wuzie which I’ve really enjoyed and opened up a lot of opportunities, we work well together and always have a good crack, but I’m one of them who will paint with everyone and anyone



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