Looking forward to seeing the one like Brave 1 back painting Tamworth this year

Heroes and Villains Jam Brave 1

Nue quick five 

Tell us a little about yourself and what got you started painting ?

I’m Scotty, My Tagg is Brave 1, I started writing Brave in the late 90’s after I’d written a bunch of other taggs. I’ve got schoolboy sketches from 86 – 87 that were definitely leaning towards ‘graffiti art’.
I guess when I was a kid I saw punk & other rebellious youth subcultures as an invitation to express myself. From as far back as I can remember I always used drawing as therapy, a way to expressing myself, & when I discovered graffiti art that was it. There was a graffiti scene in the area where I grew up, so I saw a lot of tagging. When I was 11, I discovered a hall of fame (derelict factory walls that graffiti artists used to paint murals) within walking distance of my house, that was it, that was all the inspiration I needed. I just had to get involved, I knew I had to learn how to paint with spray cans.

Best place you have painted ?

Roskilde festival in Denmark was a brilliant place to paint, the amount of other likeminded & super talented artists from all over the world was just such an inspiration. & Tiws looked after us really well too. I was very lucky to have been invited, that was definitely one of the best places I’ve ever painted.

Roskilde festival in Denmark Brave 1

Clearly I love painting, so as long as the surroundings are reasonably amicable & the company is good, I’m happy. Having said that, I’ve had great times painting awful things in horrible places, so its not always about the place, or the art even, its mostly about the act, the gesture.

Any big plans for this year ?

Always big plans, yes of course. You’ve gotta have vision ideas inspiration, I’ve got plenty of those & that normally translates into plans for action! I’m pretty motivated, but
I don’t have the kind of mind or bank balance to start applying for international art festivals, arranging & organising trips around the world to paint. All that malarky kinda happens around me whilst I chase the pound around & raise my kids! Occasionally I get thrown a lifeline which can turn into adventures painting. So who knows….anything could happen!

Tell us your funniest moments when out painting ?

You do see a lot of craziness when youre painting, mainly because youre somewhere you shouldn’t be or in a bizarre environment.
I guess I’ve had more funny moments than I can remember, laughing is one of my favourite things to do. Too many to choose from, heres a round up….
Painting in the company of people who are so unreasonably paranoid about getting caught makes me laugh, & often puts me at ease which is handy. Running can be funny if its not a serious chase, like the night we met the most aggressive badger in the whole of Essex. Then there was the time when we watched an old lady use her mobility scooter to properly mow down a cyclist. She actually completely ran over him, & then shouted at him & us! People falling over always makes me laugh, couple of times people have fallen off things or makeshift ladders have collapsed, that can be a giggle, especially when there are pots of paint involved. Always makes me laugh when I paint with a certain well known duo, just because of the constant banter & roasting they do. Yeah, its good to have a giggle.

Anyone who you would like to collaborate with?

Yeah, loads. Too many to mention, The folks that I’ve been painting with for years are the best ones to paint with, cos we understand each other, & can communicate well. So realistically I’d like to continue to paint with the Essex crew, Ekto Ster Ethos

Ekto Brave Ster

Painting with the old ERZ boys again would be good, my buddies Zar-jaz, Ikie, taking it back to the old school. Be good to get together with those guys again. I’m looking forward to painting alongside Gnasher again, I’d like to paint with Cry again, I wanna paint a big production with Aztek. I think that guy Posea is doing some awesome stuff I’d like to link with him & his crew. The UPC guys from Leeds, there are just so many talented artists out there, it’d be cool to paint with & thats only a selection from the U.K.
Internationally theres tones more artists I’d like to work with.
So who knows, hopefully I’ll get to paint with some more great people soon.

Tamworth 2012