7th Pencil collaborated with Nue for the first time for our We are Angel’s project that seem her animated wings projected onto Tamworth Castle.

We are delighted to have her come and paint live at our upcoming Creative Community event on July 23rd.

We sent Mel our Nue quick 5 questions so you can find out a little more about the artist that isĀ  7th PencilĀ 

Tell us a little about yourself and what got you started painting ?

I am a street artist based in banbury, using stencils and freehand techniques I paint portraits with lots of colour and expression. I wanted to start painting the first time I saw street art, I wanted to make my world full of colour instead of having great buildings everywhere.

Best place you have painted?

I love painting around people, London is great for that as well as most festivals I’ve been too. Bulgaria is the most adventurous place I have painted.

Any big plans for this year ?

Many! To attend as many jams and events as possible, meeting new artists and expand and practice my skills. And smash those big commissions.

Tell us your funniest moments when out painting ?

I love painting in hi vis where your not meant to, you can get away with alot! Super cheeky! Where I used to live in Devon people would think your official and couldn’t possibly be doing anything without permission, I found with that especially being female.

Anyone who you would like to collaborate with?

So many people! Ladies from the Wom Collective are brilliant Lours, Elno, Carleen de sozer, Curiouser, and Dmtart. Would love to develop my freehand and have collabs lined up this year.