Looking forward to welcoming back CurtisCreationz who will join us with the Battle lines crew this June


Nue quick five 

Tell us a little about yourself and what got you started painting? 

 I’m Frankie, a doodle artist from London. I started drawing from a really young age.. mainly from watching cartoons. I was always known for doodling.. So I continued it into adulthood.. And now I can’t stop!

CurtisCreationz Tamworth

Best place you have painted? 

I took part in Upfest last year, it was an absolute honour and I loved seeing all the different artists and variety of work produced. The vibe was great and super inspiring.

Any big plans for this year? 

Nothing huge booked up yet, I recently did a massive art battle in Manchester though.. I even got filmed for the BBC’s The One Show – I’m hoping to get some stuff organised for the summer.

Funniest moments when out painting? 

One time I was painting a mural and was stood on a table.. I moved funny and the table flipped and I sat onto my palette.. I had paint smooshed all over my butt!

Anyone who you would like to collaborate with? 

I’d love to collaborate with Mr Doodle – his success in what he does is really inspiring to me!