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On November 23rd, the historic Tamworth Castle will be transformed into a vibrant canvas of light and creativity with the “We Are Angels” project. This innovative event will use state-of-the-art projection mapping to showcase a spectacular array of performances from local artists and community groups, bringing the castle’s ancient walls to life in a celebration of our town’s rich cultural tapestry.

“We Are Angels” aims to highlight the incredible talent within our community, providing a platform for diverse artistic expressions. As the night falls, the castle will be illuminated with dynamic visuals and captivating performances, each telling unique stories through dance, music, and art. The projection mapping technology will blend these live performances with digital artistry, creating an immersive experience that merges the past and present.

This event is not just about entertainment; it’s a testament to the power of community and the arts. It underscores the importance of supporting local artists and bringing people together through shared cultural experiences. The “We Are Angels” project is a reminder that our community is full of creative angels whose contributions enrich our collective heritage.

Join us on November 23rd for an unforgettable evening at Tamworth Castle. Witness the magic of projection mapping, celebrate the talent of local artists, and be part of a community coming together under the stars. Let’s shine a light on our local angels and celebrate the arts in the heart of Tamworth.

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