We Are Angels Trail is set to enchant the town with its grand launch on 26th November at 5 pm. The launch will feature a captivating showreel projected onto the historic Tamworth Castle, showcasing a mesmerizing blend of performances, digital art, and community participation.

The showreel promises an immersive experience, featuring enchanting performances by The Mercian Singers and Tammy Land Girls. Renowned street artists from across the UK have contributed their professional digital art, adding a unique and vibrant dimension to the event.

A noteworthy aspect of the project is the active involvement of over 500 school children who have lent their voices to sing Christmas melodies and submitted Nutcracker-themed artwork. This collaborative effort underscores the community spirit that defines We Are Angels Trail.

The launch event is free for all attendees and will be followed by an interactive angel wings trail. This trail will weave through the town’s iconic buildings and shopping malls, creating a magical atmosphere for residents and visitors alike.

“We are thrilled to bring We Are Angels Trail to Tamworth, offering a delightful blend of performances, art, and community engagement. The showreel on Tamworth Castle marks the beginning of a magical journey that will continue through the interactive angel wings trail, leaving a lasting impression on our town,” said  Vic Brown from Nue.

Residents and visitors are encouraged to join this festive celebration and experience the magic of We Are Angels Trail.